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Three Things That Can Ruin Your Plastic Surgery

Remember to set aside a date on your calendar for follow-up visits to your surgeon. These will be the best times to discuss whatever problems or concerns you may have. Of course, you can always contact your physician any time before or after your surgery if you feel that you need to talk to him. During these visits, your surgeon may give you some advice on what else to do to enhance your results, thereby obtaining an even more desired body.

After Tummy Tuck

After your successful tummy tuck, you will probably wonder how to protect your new waistline. For the first few weeks, you will likely not be that crazy about the results since you will still have some swelling, tenderness, and, the scar line may still be a little raised and red. However, as days progress and you feel better, your tummy will also look better. You should take intermittent pictures of your tummy, preferably every few months, just to see how much better it really does get within months. As you begin to enjoy your new body, you may wonder what the future will do to your tummy. Factors such as aging, post-surgery pregnancy, excessive weight gain might affect your tummy line even after it has been trimmed.

Aging is inevitable, and so is the sagging and possible weight retention along the midline. However, the extent of the distortion of your waistline can be directly affected by your lifestyle. A person who indulges in healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, and daily exercise is less likely to experience a drastic change along the waistline versus someone who does not. Although a tummy tuck can enhance your abdomen, it is not an excuse not to try to lose weight or eat correctly.

Pregnancy might still be in the picture for you, and when and if it does occur, it will naturally affect your tummy line. Routinely, it is advised that you plan no more pregnancies before you have a tummy tuck (your surgeon will ask you directly about this). But pregnancy can occur even after you have decided that you no longer want kids and have used the best contraceptive methods. Or, you may become pregnant due to other medical reasons or because you are at an age at which you thought you couldn’t have kids any more. Do not panic if it does happen. If you have been exercising and eating right, and continue moderate exercise as well as a healthy diet while you are pregnant, the changes in your tummy will most likely reverse a few weeks after your baby arrives. Your abdominal walls and skin will not be as saggy as they were before the tummy tuck. Not even close. And in the case that it does occur to a certain extent, a mini-tummy tuck should take care of the little loose skin that you might have. Occasionally, the results of a tummy tuck may be totally reversed after a pregnancy, but your surgeon should be able to get you back in shape after your baby arrives. Remember, before you have a tummy tuck after a pregnancy, whether it is an initial or repeat tuck, you should allow your body a reasonable amount of time to recover, at least nine months to a year. This ensures that your body has returned to its best possible state prior to the surgeon repairing that part of your tummy that will would never have return to normal, regardless of how many years you diet and exercise.

Weight gain will drastically transform your tummy tuck. Living a sedentary lifestyle and not eating the right kinds of foods will turn your abdomen back to almost what it used to look like before the surgery. Even though the abdominal muscles may not be as lax, you will store fat associated with stretched skin. So, to kiss that flabby stomach of yours goodbye forever, maintain consistently healthy levels of dietary intake and exercise to maintain the wonders the surgeon has performed on you. After the procedure, your abdomen will be transformed dramatically, but from then on, it is up to you to maintain the work performed by your surgeon. Exercise will not only help increase your strength and vigor, but it can also contour your abdomen in a more natural way. Eating a well-balanced diet and making sure that you limit your bad carbohydrates and bad fat intake is a sure way to keep off the fat from your tummy as well as your arms, legs, and thighs, for a better-contoured body.